November 2015 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the November 2015 Andrew Rheeston Karate Newsletter, this past month has been an exciting one for the club. Grading preparation is still under way and going well ready for grading in December, I was also invited to teach as a guest instructor at 2 seminars which I thoroughly enjoyed and the details of these will be written below.

In this letter we will go through:

  1. Training covered this month
  2. Future Events
  3. Guest Instructor sessions
  4. New Videos

Training Covered This Month

Karate Classes

Grading preparations are still ongoing and there’s only a few weeks left for everyone to show they are ready.

In October we have covered:

Basic sparring drills – For new and younger students to come along and get into the thick of sparring straight away can sometimes be a scary experience. I teach sparring in a structured way for a few different levels which help encourage students to participate in sparring and build confidence while doing so. Our first level concentrates on ‘swatting’ away incoming blows and how to protect your head should one of these blows connect. We build up on this to teach the students to control an incoming limb and how to re-gain the advantage if they have been struck. These are very energetic drills and more levels are added in once the students becomes comfortable with them.

Basic line work – this is fundamental towards any students progression it ensures correct body positioning and understanding of movements that are needed to progress towards the next belts. Height of attacks must be on target and full focus given at all times. Our combinations in line work then help the students to ‘flow’ through different motions and enhance their body awareness and body control.

Kata Training – for those that don’t know Kata was originally a way the old karate masters passed down physical self-protection techniques that had been taught to them, as it was illegal to practice Kata in public originally and before books were in existence the only way to record this information was in physical form. A teacher would train the student in a certain movement and this would be practiced without a partner in ‘thin air’ and there kata was formed. Nowadays kata is generally practiced for competition or grading requirements and emphasis is given to how the kata looks. As our club is not competitive I have taken the view to bring Kata back to its roots and every student who learns kata will also learn how to use these motions in order to help with the self-protection training.

Impact Training – Another very important part of our system, impact training gives the students the ability to feel what it is like to hit a target. Which is a sensation they wouldn’t get when doing their line work. It also helps to develop power in striking which is essential for self-protection should the need to get physical arise.

JKD and Kali Class

As I said last month I have now started teaching Kali classes, this month we have continued to look at single stick basic to develop body control and motion that will be carried across all aspects of the training that we will be doing. We have looked at some disarming techniques and how to incorporate chokes / strangles and take downs within this training.

We have also continued with pad work drills, focussing around flowing motion (based upon the motions we learned with the stick practice) and varying heights of targets. Within our empty hand work we have also looked at striking, grappling, joint locks and takedowns.

These classes are only open to people over the age of 14 so is an ideal opportunity for any parents watching and wanting to have a go to come and join in.
The remaining dates for the Kali sessions planned so far are 10th December and 17th December from 8:00 – 9:30.

Future Events

This section will list out any open sessions I have been invited to teach for other clubs, and special events I am teaching myself and any guest instructors I have coming across to teach for us.

Rosi Sexton Seminar

On Thursday 3rd December Rosi Sexton will be teaching a striking and stand up grappling class from 19:30 – 21:30 Rosi has been involved in Martial Arts for 25 years:

Black belt in Tae Kwon Do
Black belt in TJF’s Ju Jitsu
Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Cage Warriors Women’s 132 lbs Champion (2005)
BodogFight Women’s 125 lbs Champion
First British Woman to Fight in the UFC

The cost of this session will be £10 per person with discount given to groups of 5 or more. To book your place please contact me as soon as possible.

Mick Tully Seminar

On Saturday the 6th February my friend and teacher Mick Tully has accepted to teach a seminar in Birmingham. I have trained with Mick now for 4 years and can say when he brings his unique take on the martial arts (with a bit of comedy too) it will be a seminar enjoyed by everyone. Regardless of martial arts background you’re sure to find something here of great interest.

Apprentice Instructor under Dan Inosanto
Instructor under Terry Barnett (Integrated Arts)
Associate Instructor under Michael Wright (AMC)
Associate Instructor under Rick Faye (MKG)
1st dan wado ryu BASKKA
2nd Dan Deutsche wado kai verein
Instructor Phraya Pichai Muay Thai
USP Instructor under Bob Spour
NLP practitioner

Seminar cost is £30 per person, please contact me to book your place and payment can be made either through PayPal or by cheque. No payments will be accepted on the day unless prior agreement has been given. Any queries please get in touch with me

Iain Abernethy Seminar

After the success of this year’s seminar I have invited Iain over once again to teach a seminar. This will be Iain’s 4th visit to the club.

On Sunday the 24th April 2016 Iain will be teaching a practical karate / kata bunkai seminar in Birmingham. The seminar will be looking at the many Rohai kata. We will be examining bunkai for Wado’s Rohai, Shotokan’s Meikyo, Matsumora Rohai (often also called “Matsumura Rohai”) and Itosu’s Rohai Shodan, Nidan and Sandan. The comparing and contrasting of the various kata will make for an interesting day, regardless of style, and will hopefully expand understating of these kata regardless of which version is personally practised

The seminar will run from 11:30 – 15:30 and will be held at North Solihull Sports Centre, Chelmsley Road, Birmingham, B37 5LA. The cost of the seminar is £30 per person

Guest Instructor Sessions

I feel privileged this month to have been invited to teach as a guest for 2 seminars this month, first I was invited by Mark Ridler from Atherstone Karate Club to teach a 2 hour class for his regular Sunday Morning class. On 14th November I was asked to teach a 2 hour Kali session at a charity seminar in Solihull. A brief description of what was taught in these sessions is listed below.

Seminar for Atherstone Karate

On Sunday 1st November I was asked to teach a session for Mark Ridler of Atherstone Karate Club as part of their usual Sunday sessions. We started the class off with a sparring style warm up where we broke into pairs one person was attacking with straight line attacks and the defender ‘swatted’ these away. We then looked at how to recover if one of these attacks connected and how to have a strong structure when covering your head. With the students suitable warmed up we then looked at some common themes for controlling the distance between yourself and aggressor and one of the principles for an effective pre-emptive strike, and some ways of drawing attention to yourself should you get into a confrontation. We then looked at a little bit of empty hand Kali training where we focussed on attacking in coming attacks and impacting joints while defending oncoming strikes, this finished off with some takedowns. I had a blast teaching this class and hope everyone that attended has just as much fun as I did. A big thank you goes out to Atherstone Karate for inviting me over, and I hope to see you all again soon.

Kick Out Cancer Charity Seminar

I was invited by Mike Turbitt, founder of Team Black Belt in Solihull to teach a 2 hour session as part of the 24 Hour Karate-athon organised to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. My teaching session started at 9:00pm on Saturday 14th November and ran until 11:00pm, the first hour was based around stick training and the second around some empty hand aspects of the Kali art. The stick hour consisted of some basic strikes, targets to strike if an equal length weapon was held by both parties, which progressed to closing distance and striking targets if we were able to pick up small / no weapons. This then progressed to a disarm and stick ‘choke’ with a take down and ground strikes thrown in too. The second hour looked at the empty hand aspects of Kali we looked at striking oncoming targets to damage the opponent in their attempts to strike us. This then led to locks and a similar the empty handed version of the take down taught earlier with the stick and some ground strikes once the take down was successful.

It was great to be invited over by Mike and I had a great time teaching at the event, I stayed along afterwards and trained until 5:00am.

New Videos

Since the last newsletter I have uploaded two new videos to our YouTube channel:

Following the kick out cancer seminar I filmed some of the material taught during the stick hour as a reminder for those that attended.

I have also filmed parts of our regular classes and posted a videos off these sessions too:

I hope you enjoy watching these.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you would like me to come a teach as a guest for your class or if you’d like to drop into one of my regular sessions (we have guests at most sessions) then please feel free to contact me via e-mail or give me a call on 07929 989 720.

Take Care & I look forward to seeing everyone again soon.


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