January 2016 Newsletter

Welcome back after the Christmas Break, I hope everyone had a fantastic time. Classes are now back in full swing and the details of what we have covered are noted below. It’s great to see some new faces joining us since we’ve been back so welcome to you all to the club. We have also at the end of January held a couple more ‘wash up’ grading’s for those that were not available before the break.

Enjoy the Read:

  1. Class write ups for January
  2. Grading Success
  3. Seminars

Class Write Ups

The family classes this month started on the self-protection portion of the clubs system, we looked at distance control, pre-emptive striking and escaping to a ‘safe place’ in a school playground ‘bullying’ scenario. We then moved onto controlling the distance if you find yourself on the ground against a standing opponent and how to get up safely from the floor. We then returned to the ‘traditional’ system looking at some basic punching and kicking techniques and taught some new pieces of Kata and pair work which included takedowns. As usual pad work was also a part of the class as I believe this underpins everything we do at Andrew Rheeston Karate, we also discussed the need the physically fit in order to outrun an opponent if necessary so fitness training has also been included in the sessions.

The adult’s classes have consisted of karate and Kali training, in the Karate classes we have focussed the training around the basic punches and kick of the system, impact work, kata and pair work. The kali classes have looked at impact training, close range striking (head butts, elbows, and knees) and some single stick training.

Grading Success

After the successful grading’s in December there were a couple of people who were unable to grade before Christmas during January, so, a big congratulations goes to:

Ethan Hanson – 9th Kyu
Emma Smith – 7th Kyu
Shay Smith – 7th Kyu


We still have three seminars lined up so far with the details listed below. I am also going to teach two seminars myself this year and will share the details as soon as I am able.

Mick Tully Seminar

On Saturday the 6th February my friend and teacher Mick Tully has accepted to teach a seminar in Birmingham. I have trained with Mick now for 4 years and can say when he brings his unique take on the martial arts (with a bit of comedy too) it will be a seminar enjoyed by everyone. Regardless of martial arts background you’re sure to find something here of great interest.

Apprentice Instructor under Dan Inosanto
Instructor under Terry Barnett (Integrated Arts)
Associate Instructor under Michael Wright (AMC)
Associate Instructor under Rick Faye (MKG)
1st dan wado ryu BASKKA
2nd Dan Deutsche wado kai verein
Instructor Phraya Pichai Muay Thai
USP Instructor under Bob Spour
NLP practitioner

Seminar cost is £30 per person, please contact me to book your place and payment can be made either through PayPal or by cheque. No payments will be accepted on the day unless prior agreement has been given. Any queries please get in touch with me

Iain Abernethy Seminar

After the success of this year’s seminar I have invited Iain over once again to teach a seminar. This will be Iain’s 4th visit to the club.

On Sunday the 24th April 2016 Iain will be teaching a practical karate / kata bunkai seminar in Birmingham. The seminar will be looking at the many Rohai kata. We will be examining bunkai for Wado’s Rohai, Shotokan’s Meikyo, Matsumora Rohai (often also called “Matsumura Rohai”) and Itosu’s Rohai Shodan, Nidan and Sandan. The comparing and contrasting of the various kata will make for an interesting day, regardless of style, and will hopefully expand understating of these kata regardless of which version is personally practised

The seminar will run from 11:30 – 15:30 and will be held at North Solihull Sports Centre, Chelmsley Road, Birmingham, B37 5LA. The cost of the seminar is £30 per person

Phil Norman Survive Seminar

On Sunday 26th June Phil Norman will be coming to teach a session on his survive self-protection system at John Henry Newman Catholic College from 10:30 – 14:30. Price of this seminar is £35 pre-booked and £45 on the day, spaces are limited so please contact me to book and pre-pay for you place. Payments can be taken through PayPal or via cheque, message me for PayPal or address details for payment.

Thanks for taking the time to read this I will have another newsletter available next month and in the meantime will up load a few more videos to our YouTube channel. If you’ve got any questions or if you would like me to teach a class or seminar for your group then please contact me on andrew@andrewrheestonkarate.co.uk

Take care

Andy 🙂

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