April 2017 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

Here we are back with another newsletter for you to cast your eyes over. So this past we’ve held our first grading of the year and congratulation to everyone that has gained nice and shiny new belts. It was great to see how you’ve all progressed so let’s keep the ball rolling ready for our next grading in late June / Early July.
Hope you enjoy the read.


  1. Update of classes
  2. Upcoming Seminars and Events
  3. Grading Success

Update of classes

This month we have seen some more new faces joining us which is great news. The karate classes have focussed mainly on single step line work and solo kata. The emphasis has now changed to more partner work practice so we will be focussing on pad work, sparring techniques and kata bunkai (application).

The Adults Martial Arts class continues to grow and I’m excited that as well as our usual student to ARMA we also have guests coming to train alongside us on a regular basis, again this is great to see and we’ve had more new starters this month. We have focussed on many different aspects this month such as a double-stick, edged weapons, boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing and Panantukan (Filipino boxing). We will continue to do the same for the next month and beyond to get ready for the seminar in June with both myself and Mick Tully (details below).

I have also taught some new one-to-one classes this month which I have really enjoyed and it’s great to focus on what the individual wants and needs to work on. If any existing students would like some one-to-one or small group coaching the please get in touch these sessions are a great way to progress your skills and understanding of what we are doing and are tailored to your wants and needs. Anyone reading this and not currently a student at A.R.M.A is still eligible to receive private one-to-one or small group tuition if this is something you are interested in then please give me a call or send me an e-mail and we can get something arranged to suit you.

Upcoming Seminars and Events

Andrew Rheeston / Mick Tully Seminar (A.R.M.A. Grading) – Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Andrew Rheeston and Mick Tully are teaching a joint seminar around the differing aspects of Kali training. We will be looking at the single/double stick training and knife training including partner drills and disarms (for the art) and practical self-protection. The seminar will also include elements of Panantukan (Filipino Boxing) including trapping and limb destructions. The cost for the seminar is £30 per person and can be paid by cheque made payable to Andrew Rheeston and sent to Mr A Rheeston, 106 Piccadilly Close, Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham B37 7LQ or via PayPal (contact Andrew for PayPal details). Payments can also be accepted on the day once your place is confirmed.

This session will also be used a grading event for the A.R.M.A Mixed Martial Arts Group.

Andy can be contacted on 07929 989 720, Email: andrew@armartialarts.co.uk, or on Facebook via the Andrew Rheeston Martial Arts page.

Grading Success

As I said in the introduction the grading on 25th March 2017 we held the first ARMA grading of the year. It was great to see everyone trying their best and enjoying every second of the grading you should all be very proud of yourselves. Results from this grading are noted below.

Red and White Belt
Steven Egan
Jacob Kelly
Elaine Kelly
Lewis Hincks
Chelsey Sutcliffe
Brandon Matthews
Naimh Lyons
Ashleigh Hill
Macie Veitch

Yellow and White Belt
James Lyons
Anthony McIlwee
Stephen Taylor
Alex Caldicott
Alex Hinton
Ryan O’Neil
Finlay Hill

Orange and White Belt
Ethan Hanson
Mason Veitch
Demi-Lea Bratby
Jay Wilkinson
Harriet Kight
Matilda Knight
Philip Knight

Green and White Belt
Danielle Shipley
Lesley Shipley

Blue and White Belt
Logan Rheeston
Brandon Davey
Richard Duddel
Shay Smith

Purple and White Belt
Ella Rheeston

Congratulations to everyone that attended this grading, keep up the good work.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I will have more content added from next month with new articles and videos, if there’s anything you would like to see in this newsletter Kata performance or bunkai video’s, the link between Karate and Kali etc. please let me know and I’ll do my best to get any question included in the next newsletter.

See you all again soon and take care 🙂

Andy Rheeston
Telephone or Text: 07929 989 720
Email: andrew@armartialarts.co.uk

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