MKG UK Seminar with Brendan Westwood

Brendan Westwood MKG UK

Following on from last year’s successful seminar with have the pleasure of hosting Guro Brendan Westwood the UK & European Director of the Minnesota Kali Group for another seminar around the MKG arts. The session last year focussed around stick and knife training, hubad (a sensitivity drill to feel pressure from a partner or opponent to manipulate them into positions where they are off balance and easy to hit) and impact work on the focus mitts. Was a great session and sure this year’s session will be just as fun!

The seminar will be held at Team Black Belt Dojo, Lode Lane, Solihull, B92 8NU. The cost will be £30 for the seminar and can be paid by either cheque or cash on the day. In the first instance please book and confirm your place with Andy prior to sending payment, as places will be limited for this event. Contact details for Andy are tel: 07929989720 or e-mail

Date: Sunday 3rd December at 12:00–16:00

Location: Team Black Belt Dojo, Lode Lane, Solihull, B92 8NU

July 2017 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

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June 2017 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter again. This last month we’ve moved away from line work practice in the karate class and focussed more on Bunkai training, the plan going forward is to bring in a little more of the self-protection elements too. » Read more

May 2017 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

Here we are back with another newsletter for you to cast your eyes over. Following on from our fist grading of the year we have all started working on new material ready for that next step. Quite a lot has happened this month at ARMA, the Thursday Mixed Martial Arts classes are going brilliantly and we have had more new starters coming along to the karate classes. I will discuss this all a little later on. » Read more

Andrew Rheeston Seminar

MKG Birmingham

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April 2017 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

Here we are back with another newsletter for you to cast your eyes over. So this past we’ve held our first grading of the year and congratulation to everyone that has gained nice and shiny new belts. It was great to see how you’ve all progressed so let’s keep the ball rolling ready for our next grading in late June / Early July. » Read more

March 2017 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

Here we are back with another newsletter for you to cast your eyes over. Since the last newsletter, a few things have changed with the club. Based on the fact I no longer only teach Karate I have now changed the name of the club and we have a new club logo. New t-shirts are also being designed and should be available soon. » Read more

February 2017 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve written a newsletter but at last I’m back up and running with them. A lot has happened since the last newsletter, I have attended two Instructor workshops with the Minnesota Kali Group (MKG) as well as having the UK Director of MKG teach a seminar in December for us. I have taught two seminars myself and have received bookings to teach other groups already this year.

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June 2016 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

This month has been an exciting one for the club as we’ve had a successful grading day and I have received requests to start teaching for other local groups which is fantastic. This month I was asked to teach a women’s only self-protection class in Solihull the details of which will be noted below.

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