Grading Success

We also hosted some more grading here at A.R.K.

Again everyone who graded successfully got their grading promotions.

Well done to the following for achieving your new grades:

Hanna Lowry – 9th Kyu, Red Belt
Jamie Lowry – 9th Kyu, Red Belt
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Class Diary – May 5th 2015

Andrew Rheeston Karate

Great class last night, focussing on the self protection side of our group system.

We looked at distance control using physical and vocal barriers, pre-emptive striking and escape strategies. We then discussed how the lessons taught corresponded within the cooper colour code layout.

Everyone done really well, it put a smile on my face to see many of the kids laughing with bright red faces they sure worked hard!!

Class Diary – April 22nd 2015

Andrew Rheeston Karate

Great classes again last night.
Family Class consisted of: Linework, Kata, Pairwork and sparing, great work from everybody yet again. Really pleased with those that have never sparred before, you showed no fear and the headguards didn’t phase you, well done.

Adults Class: Linework, Kata and Kata Application, close rage sparring drills and finished off with non-compliant throwing practice, kicking drills with Thai pads to develop impact and a pyramid punching exercise to work technique, power and develop a correct combative mindset.

More of the same tomorrow!!

Iain Abernethy Seminar – 22nd March 2015

Iain Abernethy will once again be teaching a seminar for us on 22nd March 2015.

The seminar will consist of Bunkai for Jitte Kata, an introduction to kata based sparring and multiple opponents.

The seminar will run from 12:00 – 16:00 at a cost of £30 per person.

Anybody interested in coming along please feel free contact me
Date: 22nd March at 12:00–16:00
Location: North Solihull Sports Centre, Conway Road, B37 5LA Solihull
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Class Diary – Feb 6th 2015

Another 2 great training nights this week.

The family class focussed on traditional karate line work to ensure form was correct and some light sparring practice to ensure correct foot movement.

The adults class looked at line work focussing on kicks, kata and practical applications, we then went through some light sparring practice using some element of Panantukan (filipino boxing).

Get ready for a little more next week

Class Diary – Jan 23rd 2015

Another great 2 nights of classes, lots of things covered.

Family classes looked traditional basics, structured sparring, power generation and fitness drills.

The adults looked at ground work escapes, kata, pairwork, padwork.

Really happy to see the numbers increasing, its a pleasure to teach all of you


Class Diary – Jan 14th 2015

Great class last night, we went back over the things covered last week to see how much information was retained.

We then practiced an awareness drill with distance control, pre-emptive strikes and escapes to a “safe zone”.

We then looked at some basic linework and body mechanics for kicking focussed around the round house kick.

We finished off with a small fitness drill which was student led after giving them a multiple choice of exercises to choose from.

Grading Success

Well done to everyone that passed their Karate grading, the standard of Karate was as always excellent.

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