Complete Self Protection Seminar and grading

On Saturday 30th June I attended the Complete Self Protection seminar and grading. The seminar started off with a session taught by Charli Simkin from Simkin Martial Arts Academy and went through a routine that included a takedown transitions to better ground control positions and finally the arm bar.

The remainder of the seminar was taken by Mick and Al and what pleasure it was to see these boys back on the mat and teaching together. We started the session with some single stick Escrima / kali drills and then progressed this to disarm and stick chokes. We then looked at some Panantukan (Filipino Boxing) drills which included limb destructions, takedowns and ground control.

The seminar then finished with some boxing based focus mitt drills.

The seminar was closed by an award of grades to the CSP students that had gone through their grading.
I am honoured to say that I was awarded my 1st Dan Black in the CSP – Minnesota Kali Group system.