December 2015 Newsletter

Wow, what a year it’s been for Andrew Rheeston Karate, the classes have grown and have never been busier, this year has seen us host Iain Abernethy for a seminar where he taught a drill for the whole if Jitte Kata.

My teacher Mick Tully has also appeared on several occasions to teach a mix of Kali, Thai Boxing and grappling to my adult students and we also had Rosi Sexton (first UK female to fight in the UFC) teach a class for us based on stand up grappling.

Next year is going to be just as awesome we have Mick Tully coming to teach a seminar in February, Iain Abernethy in April for a seminar around the various versions of Rohai, and in June Phil Normal will be teaching a seminar around his survive system.

On a personal note, this year has got to probably be the best I’ve had in a Martial Art capacity. As I said the classes have grown and we’ve hosted some excellent instructors for seminars. I have had the privilege to have trained with some of the world’s best teachers in Iain Abernethy, Sifu Rick Faye (Founder of Minnesota Kali Group) and Sensei Erik Paulson (Founder of Combat Submission Wrestling).

This year in March I achieved my 3rd Dan in karate thanks to a grading held by Iain Abernethy, I also graded to 1st Dan Black Belt within Complete Self Protections Minnesota Kali Group System and in November I was accepted as an affiliate instructor with the Minnesota Kali Group by the founder and head instructor Sifu Rick Faye. This year also saw me teach my first 4-hour seminar in October based around Karate and Kali and I also taught as a guest instructor on 2 occasions in November for Mark Ridler (Atherstone Karate Club) and Mike Turbitt (Team Black Belt) for the charity 24-hour Karate Marathon.

We’ve also had another successful set of grading during December, a huge well done goes to the following students:

9th Kyu
Joshua Yardley, Demi-Lea Bratby, Amon Bahri, Clarke Woods, Lesley Shipley, Danielle Shipley,

8th Kyu
Logan Rheeston, Skye Darnley, Hanna Lowry. Jamie Lowry,

7th Kyu
Ella Rheeston, Shannon Rheeston, Elena Papageorgiou

5th Kyu
Anthony Hemming, Bradley Hemming,

Our last session for the year was held on Tuesday 22nd December below is a little group shot of all the students that attended, I also took that night as an opportunity to give out student certificates to those that graded.

Hope to see everyone in the new year.

Take care

Andy 🙂

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