June 2016 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

This month has been an exciting one for the club as we’ve had a successful grading day and I have received requests to start teaching for other local groups which is fantastic. This month I was asked to teach a women’s only self-protection class in Solihull the details of which will be noted below.

We also had Phil Norman come to teach a session for us around his survive and Ghost Elite programme which was excellent. The school summer holidays are fast approaching but there’s no let up with our classes and we will keep going throughout, the will be a change of venue throughout August and September as our usual venue is having the hall refurbished.

Enjoy the Read:

  1. Class write ups for June
  2. Upcoming Seminars
  3. Phil Norman Survive / Ghost
  4. Other News

Class Write Ups

We have continued to welcome new faces into the club this month which is always excellent to do. We have hit the focus pads, worked on kata, pair work and just had great fun in the family class. The adults class has focused on grading preparation and sparring techniques, we have had a good few work outs too.

Upcoming Seminars

Mick Tully Seminar

For the second time this year Mick Tully has agreed to teach another seminar for us and this will be on Saturday 6th August and will be held at Team Black Belt’s Dojo on Lode Lane in Solihull. This seminar will focus on Kali Weaponry training and Jeet Kune Do / Panantukan (also known as Filipino Dirty Boxing) the seminar cost is £30 per person and anyone that hasn’t trained with Mick before please get in touch you’ll be in for a treat.

Andrew Rheeston Karate Seminar

I will also be teaching a 4-hour seminar on 25th September at Team Black Belt’s dojo in Solihull. I will be looking at the link between how I teach karate and the Kali / JKD. So if any of you haven’t trained with me yet but are interested in what I teach then this would be an ideal opportunity for you come along and have a go.

Phil Norman Ghost / Survive Seminar

On Sunday 26th June I was an honour for me to host Guru Phil Norman to teach his Survive and Ghost systems. The session started with the survive program and the warm consisted of looking at how to move around safely on the floor should you find yourself unfortunate enough to be there. This then led on to a little bit of basic grappling looking to escape from someone being positioned on top of you and holding you down. This then led on to the introduction of guns both metal and rubber to do some weapons defence training that was an excellent 2-hour session. After a brief break we then spent 2 hours going through Phil’s Ghost system which is competitive based but there are a lot of crossover in principles with self-protection too. It was an excellent 4 hours and everyone loved the session, I can’t wait to host Phil again in the future.

Other News

As I said in the introduction I was asked to teach a women’s only self-protection session for a local group on Solihull. This session focussed around controlling personal space, how to attract attention and methods to distract an aggressor so an effective escape can be made. I also opened up to the group to see if anyone the ladies had specific concerns regarding personal safety and then addressed the issues that were brought up such as defending against grabs and people try to move you, and a common theme was also about how can they defend themselves on the floor so we touched on a few key principles in order to keep people safe while on the ground and how to get up safely. It was a really good session and I’m thankful to those that invited me over.

Also we had 7 belt promotions this month so some big congratulations go to:

Mason Veitch – 9th Kyu (Red Belt)
Matilda Knight – 9th Kyu (Red Belt)
Danielle Shipley – 8th Kyu (Yellow Belt)
Lesley Shipley – 8th Kyu (Yellow Belt)
Brandon Davey – 7th Kyu (Orange Belt)
Logan Rheeston – 7th Kyu (Orange Belt)
Ella Rheeston – 6th Kyu (Green Belt)

Thanks for taking the time to read this I will have another newsletter available next month. If you have got any questions or if you would like me to teach a class or seminar for your group then please contact me on andrew@andrewrheestonkarate.co.uk or give me a call on 07929989720.

Take care

Andy 🙂

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