March 2017 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

Here we are back with another newsletter for you to cast your eyes over. Since the last newsletter, a few things have changed with the club. Based on the fact I no longer only teach Karate I have now changed the name of the club and we have a new club logo. New t-shirts are also being designed and should be available soon.

A grading date has been arranged for the end of March and I have notified all of those that are eligible to grade. I have also booked a seminar with my Kali and JKD instructor Mick Tully, I also taught a seminar alongside Iain Abernethy around Kata Bunkai and Panantukan impact work.

Hope you enjoy the read.


  1. New club name and logo
  2. Upcoming Seminars and Events
  3. Iain Abernethy Seminar write up
  4. New Students from April

New Club Name and Logo

As most of you know last year I started training with the MKG Instructors group, I have trained in the MKG method for around 5 years now under Guro Mick Tully and have started to teach my own classes around this. Based on this fact and that our Thursday adult classes now incorporate a mix of martial arts such as Kali, Thai Boxing and JKD I felt the current club name of Andrew Rheeston Karate was no longer a true identification of what the club is about. So the club has now changed the name to Andrew Rheeston Martial Arts, for all our current students don’t worry nothing has changed in relation to what I’m teaching just the club logo. Which is below

Upcoming Seminars and Events

Andrew Rheeston / Mick Tully Seminar (A.R.M.A. Grading) – Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Andrew Rheeston and Mick Tully are teaching a joint seminar around the differing aspects of Kali training. We will be looking at the single/double stick training and knife training including partner drills and disarms (for the art) and practical self-protection. The seminar will also include elements of Panantukan (Filipino Boxing) including trapping and limb destructions. The cost for the seminar is £30 per person and can be paid by cheque made payable to Andrew Rheeston and sent to Mr A Rheeston, 106 Piccadilly Close, Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham B37 7LQ or via PayPal (contact Andrew for PayPal details). Payments can also be accepted on the day once your place is confirmed.

This session will also be used a grading event for the A.R.M.A Mixed Martial Arts Group.

Andy can be contacted on 07929 989 720, Email:, or on Facebook via the Andrew Rheeston Martial Arts page.

A.R.M.A – Karate Grading – Saturday 25th March 2017
A Grading day has now been set up for the A.R.M.A Karate group, this grading will be focussed only on the one step line work and Solo Kata performance. The grading will take place on 25th March 2017 from 12:00 – 15:00 and time slots will be given out during the next classes. Good luck to everyone!

Iain Abernethy Seminar Write Up

On Sunday 5th March 2017 I taught a 4-hour seminar alongside Iain Abernethy which was a great day and everyone seemed to have fun. Iain and I alternated teaching throughout the day, Iain focussed on pad work based around Karate Kata and I focussed on drills from the empty hand (Panantukan) section of the Kali system.

I kicked off the seminar with a quick warm up consisting of reaction, closing distance and close range striking to start then while flowing with this reacting to the pad holders attempt at striking back. Following on from this we looked at a technique which controlled the opponent to unbalance and take them down to the floor, this was then finished off with a short section of ground striking while on top of the opponent and from a failed submission attempt. I explained that the ground portion of the drill was purely for fun.

My Third section of the seminar refreshed the earlier warm-up but with the focus pads out this changed the intensity of the drill, after that, I taught a pad drill lifted straight out of Wado Ryu’s Niseishi Kata both empty hand and on the impact pads. The empty hand version of the technique focused on controlling the opponents arm, striking the elbow joint, groin and then controlling the head so it can be struck. When this technique was performed on the pads I explained how the technique needed to be amended in order to keep the pad holder ‘safe’.

My final section of the seminar looked at a short trapping and limb control sequence. This technique looked at some movement from Wado Ryu’s Pinan Shodan and Shotokan’s Pinan Nidan Kata. The technique looked specifically at limb destructions and trapping to facilitate strikes and follow ups.

I really enjoyed teaching alongside Iain and everyone that attended really enjoyed it too. Would be a pleasure to this again in the future.

New Students from April

Due to concentrating on grading at the end of March I have closed the doors on new students coming in to train with us. However, the doors will be back open in April for any new students to come in join in the fun. No experience necessary and all ages welcome from 5 years and above.

I still have some spaces open for private sessions 1 to 1 or small group tuition on any of the arts I teach and if you are interested in booking one of these sessions please give me a call to arrange this. If you would like to book me for a seminar at your club, please get in contact me to arrange and discuss what you’d like me to cover.

I would like to give a massive thank you to everyone that has recently left reviews on our Facebook page I truly appreciate all of your kind comments:

Absolute gold class teacher. My son loves it here can’t fault Andy at all.
Brilliant place to be. Looking forward to the next class.
I’ve been training in martial arts for over 16 years and have spent the last 5 under Andy Rheeston. Andy is an excellent teacher with an extensive knowledge of martial arts. The sessions are always well structured and fun. Andy is a dedicated, highly skilled instructor and I would recommend him to anyone.
Andy is passionate about what he does, great instruction

See you all again soon and take care 🙂

Andy Rheeston
Telephone or Text: 07929 989 720

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