March 2016 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

So here we are after another month of excellent classes. We have welcomed some more new faces to the club this month which is always good news so thanks to guys and girls for choosing to spend your time with us.

There has also been a couple of new editions to the website as well, we now have an online shop for you to order you Andrew Rheeston Karate t-shirts, hoodies and lots of other cool stuff, take a look and see if there is anything there that you like, just click on the Shop link at the top of the website. There has also been a link for people to subscribe to the newsletters, if you want to keep up to date with the info for ARK then please subscribe to the newsletter.

In March I also trained again with Iain Abernethy in Solihull where we looked at the uses for Pinan Yondan and Naihanchi, techniques covered included limb control, striking, choking, takedowns, close range striking, defences from being grabbed ad sparring. That was a fun session enjoyed by everyone and we still have sensei Abernethy coming to do a seminar for us on 24th April.

Enjoy the Read:

  1. Class write ups for March
  2. Seminars
  3. Affiliation to the Minnesota Kali Group (MKG)

Class Write Ups

The family is continuing to progress excellently, during March we have continued to focus on basic techniques, Kata and Kata related pair work, good progress is being made by everyone and I will soon start making plans to set up a grading day. During April we will continue to build on and develop what you have learnt so far and start bringing in the impact training and structured sparring drills into your training. The adult class has again also been going well, with people now progressing through the material for grading and dates will be set up for these soon too.

The Kali / JKD classes I have been teaching on a Thursday evening have continued to be a popular class. This month we’ve looked at single stick and double stick for the weaponry portions, western boxing and Jun Fan kickboxing as part of the striking portions. We’ve also looked at some of Bruce Lee’s principles behind the JKD arts such as ABD (attack by drawing), ABC (attack by combination), SDA (single direct attack) and HIA (hand immobilisation attack / trapping). We’ve also had a play with some joint locks and takedowns. I can’t wait to carry on teaching this art and I’m really excited about the future development of these classes for us.


Iain Abernethy Seminar

After the success of this year’s seminar I have invited Iain over once again to teach a seminar. This will be Iain’s 4th visit to the club.

On Sunday the 24th April 2016 Iain will be teaching a practical karate / kata bunkai seminar in Birmingham. The seminar will be looking at the many Rohai kata. We will be examining bunkai for Wado’s Rohai, Shotokan’s Meikyo, Matsumora Rohai (often also called “Matsumura Rohai”) and Itosu’s Rohai Shodan, Nidan and Sandan. The comparing and contrasting of the various kata will make for an interesting day, regardless of style, and will hopefully expand understating of these kata regardless of which version is personally practised

The seminar will run from 11:30 – 15:30 and will be held at North Solihull Sports Centre, Chelmsley Road, Birmingham, B37 5LA. The cost of the seminar is £30 per person.

Phil Norman Ghost and Survive Seminar

On Sunday 26th June Phil Norman will be coming to teach a session on his Ghost system and survive self-protection system at John Henry Newman Catholic College from 10:30 – 14:30. Price of this seminar is £35 pre-booked and £45 on the day, spaces are limited so please contact me to book and pre-pay for you place. Payments can be taken through PayPal or via cheque, message me for PayPal or address details for payment.

Andrew Rheeston Karate Seminars

I will be delivering two seminars myself this year too, and as soon as the venue has been confirmed I will share these details with everyone. Also if anyone would like me to come and teach a seminar for them then please get in touch.

Affiliation to the Minnesota Kali Group (MKG)

During November last year I was accepted as an affiliate instructor for the Minnesota Kali Group (MKG) from Sifu Rick Faye, my certificates for this have now been received and I’m looking forward to progress and build out the Thursday night Kali / JKD class. Already these have proven popular with new students and friends from other clubs coming along to train with us too.

Thanks for taking the time to read this I will have another newsletter available next month. If you have got any questions or if you would like me to teach a class or seminar for your group then please contact me on

Take care

Andy 🙂

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