May 2017 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

Here we are back with another newsletter for you to cast your eyes over. Following on from our fist grading of the year we have all started working on new material ready for that next step. Quite a lot has happened this month at ARMA, the Thursday Mixed Martial Arts classes are going brilliantly and we have had more new starters coming along to the karate classes. I will discuss this all a little later on.

Hope you enjoy the read.


  1. Update of classes
  2. MKG Birmingham
  3. New Videos
  4. Rick Faye MKG UK Camp
  5. Upcoming Seminars

Update of classes

This month we have seen some more new faces joining us, which is great news. The karate classes have focussed mainly on combination line work and Kata Bunkai. For those not sure, Kata Bunkai is the study of Kata motions with a partner so that you can use the movements practically against someone rather than ‘as a dance’ in thin air. I believe learning the practical use of Katas motions not only helps understand what you are doing but is easily translated into self-protection.

I have received more requests for private training which I have really enjoyed and it’s great to focus on what the individual wants and needs to work on. If any existing students would like some one-to-one or small group coaching the please get in touch these sessions are a great way to progress your skills and understanding of what we are doing and are tailored to your wants and needs. Anyone reading this and not currently a student at A.R.M.A is still eligible to receive private one-to-one or small group tuition if this is something you are interested in then please give me a call or send me an e-mail and we can get something arranged to suit you.

MKG Birmingham

I am really pleased to say that ARMA has been accepted into the ranks of the Minnesota Kali Group (MKG) with our adults Mixed Martial Arts setup. This makes ARMA one of only 8 schools currently in the UK teaching under the MKG Banner for this purpose we are known as MKG Birmingham. I cannot wait to see how this progresses, the arts taught in this adults class are Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Jun Fan Gung Fu / JKD and Filipino Martial Arts.

Muay Thai Kick Boxing
Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and our most popular training session at MKG UK Southampton. Muay Thai fighters have been called “Kings of the ring”, where they may strike any part of the body. This art is an awesome display of strong offence with a constant focus on defensive structure and legendary endurance! Through our parent school in the US, we have taken this highly effective ring art and devised drills that are fun yet challenging – you will be confidently hitting pads and developing good reactions from the very first class. Not only are these classes easy for the beginner student, they are hard enough for even the most seasoned of athletes. The “go at your own pace” structure of our classes means you make it as physically challenging as you want to (but we would like you to appreciate this arts body conditioning capabilities!).
Our classes will help you utilise the 8 weapons of the body – fists (punches), elbows, feet (kicks), and knees – all performed through various drills, combinations and fitness workouts on handheld pads. This will get you in great shape, yet teach you to defend against many types of attack.

Jun Fan Gung Fu / JKD
In the 1960/70s, the late Bruce Lee, with Dan Inosanto, researched every martial art they could – what emerged was a compelling and completely new system of training. The mixing of the best techniques for striking, trapping and grappling from each art they studied, as well as developing training methods to perfect these, made this new ‘art’ a very dynamic and complete system – renowned for its economy of motion.
Jun Fan Gung Fu/JKD is a mix of high-energy kickboxing drills, intricate trapping, locking and in-fighting and occasional ground tactics.

Filipino Martial Arts
Kali (sometimes called ‘Escrima’) often serves as an umbrella term for all the Filipino martial arts. However, our focus includes a wide spectrum of weaponry – staff, stick, blade and knife as well as weapons of opportunity – the objective being to perform techniques such as counters, disarms sweeps and locks in flow.
Whilst ordinary people do not carry weapons, we believe that training in a weaponry art greatly improves your chances of escaping an attack from someone that does.
Our classes emphasise safety first, but are fun and rewarding to learn – they improve hand-eye coordination, balance, footwork, timing and how to manipulate the opponent.
Our Kali program includes the empty hand aspect of this powerful art – Panantukan. Panantukan sometimes referred to as ” Dirty Boxing ” was developed for as a backup system for when the weapon was disarmed.

New Videos

Since the last newsletter, I have added 2 new videos to our YouTube site. The first looks at how we can use basic Jodan Uke motion as a defence against a long single-handed weapon such as a stick ad progresses to a section of Pinan Godan used as a blunt and edged weaponry defence. The second video was recorded during the adult Mixed Martial Arts class as I explained how parts of karate Kata can cross over into the Panantukan portion of the Filipino martial arts.

Rick Faye UK Camp

From the 28th April – 1st May I attended my first Rick Faye UK Camp, this was the third annual UK camp, it was great to be joined by so many martial artists for the weekend. Over the 4 days, we undertook 24 hours of training over 9 different sessions. Each session focussed on differing aspect of the arts taught, we covered way too much stuff to list here but essentially we trained, double stick, single stick, stick and dagger, grappling, Panantukan, Thai boxing and weapon disarms. It was great that I was accompanied by three of the MKG Birmingham / A.R.M.A students. A couple of the photo’s taken you’ll see below. The most shocking part of the weekend came on the very last day as I was awarded my promotion to Level One Instructor within the MKG method. I had no idea I was being assessed over the whole weekend. A massive thank goes to all that I trained with over the weekend for making me look good and to both Brendan Westwood and Rick Faye for presenting me with this.

Upcoming Seminars

We have two seminars currently booked in and the details of those are below:-

Andrew Rheeston / Mick Tully Seminar – Sunday 25th June 2017, from 10:30 – 14:30

Andrew Rheeston and Mick Tully are teaching a joint seminar around the differing aspects of Kali training. We will be looking at the single/double stick training and knife training including partner drills and disarms (for the art) and practical self-protection. The seminar will also include elements of Panantukan (Filipino Boxing) including trapping and limb destructions. The cost for the seminar is £30 per person and can be paid by cheque made payable to Andrew Rheeston and sent to Mr A Rheeston, 106 Piccadilly Close, Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham B37 7LQ or via PayPal (contact Andrew for PayPal details). Payments can also be accepted on the day once your place is confirmed.

This session will also be used a grading event for the A.R.M.A Mixed Martial Arts Group.

Andy can be contacted on 0729989720, E-mail, or on Facebook via the Andrew Rheeston Martial Arts page.

Cross Over in Arts Seminar – Andrew Rheeston – Sunday, 17th September 2017, from 11:00 – 15:00

Following on from the great feedback of the seminar with myself and Iain Abernethy earlier this year I have arranged to continue the theme and teach another seminar which will focus again around the similarities between Karate and Kali Motions.

As well as the empty-hand motions we will also take a look at how these can be used against blunt and edged weaponry. Also, we will see how the motions can be translated to impact equipment.

During the session, we will be using focus mitts, kali stick and training knives. For attendees that don’t already have this equipment, there will be spaces available on the day.

The cost of this seminar will be £30 per person and can be paid via bank transfer (contact Andy to arrange payment), via cheque made payable to Mr A Rheeston and sent to Mr A Rheeston 106 Piccadilly Close, Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham, B37 7LQ. Payment can also be taken in cash on the day once your space is booked.

Any questions or to book your place contact Andy on 07929989720 or via e-mail

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I will have more content added from next month with new articles and videos, if there is anything you would like to see in these newsletter Kata performance or bunkai videos, the link between karate and kali etc. please let me know and I will do my best to get any question included in the next newsletter.

If you would like to host me for a seminar, are interested in any of our classes or if you would like to have to some private training I can be contacted at or by telephone on 07929989720

See you all again soon and take care 🙂

Andy Rheeston
Telephone or Text: 07929 989 720

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