May 2018 Newsletter

Here is our May newsletter and I hope you are all well. Since the last newsletter, I and a few of the Thursday mixed arts class have been on a weekend training with Sifu Rick Faye (The founder of the Minnesota Kali Group) whose method we follow in our mixed martial arts classes. We had a great time.

This month we are back to focussing on grading information getting everyone ready for that next step up the ladder. The Jun Fan kickboxing classes are going fantastically well and I am grateful to everyone that has helped make them a success.

I also have a seminar coming up in June focussing around trapping and stand up grappling again the details of this will be noted below. I also have some other great information to share with you all with guest instructors coming to the club.


  1. Trapping and Grappling Seminar
  2. Remaining Seminars for 2018
  3. YouTube Videos
  4. Seminars

Trapping and Grappling Seminar

On Sunday 3rd June, I will be teaching a seminar around trapping and grappling concepts found within karate kata.

We will look at common principles throughout the day and see how various kata demonstrate these principles. The day will cover entering techniques, trapping and clearing obstructions, joint locks and chokes/strangles.

This will be an interesting day for both advanced students and beginners. You do not to be a karate student to attend the seminar, students of all martial arts are welcome, and the techniques taught throughout the day will be applicable to all martial arts styles.

The seminar will cost just £25 per person.

Remaining Seminars for 2018

On October 13th we have the pleasure of hosting Guro Phil Norman who is teaching part of his Kali Combatives system for us. This seminar will be for students strictly aged 13 and over and will £35 per person.

A few clips of Phil Norman in action are here:

We also for the third year in a row have the pleasure of hosting Guro Brendan Westwood the UK Director of the Minnesota Kali Group for a seminar in December (details still to be confirmed). Again, this will be £35 per person and will be of great benefit to all of the ARMA students regardless of whether it is Karate, Kickboxing or the Mixed Arts system that you are currently covering.

YouTube Videos

I have added a couple more videos to the clubs you tube and links to those can be found below.

And finally, thanks to everyone that has subscribed to the newsletter, if there’s anything you’d like added to the next newsletter or if you have any questions around Bunkai general training etc please drop me an e-mail on the address below.

If you would like to host me for a seminar, are interested in any of our classes or if you would like to have to some private training I can be contacted at or by telephone on 07929 989 720

Andy Rheeston
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