We are happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have, please feel free to contact us.

What should I wear?

Anything comfortable and non-restricting is allowed such as t-shirts & shorts, jogging bottoms etc. It is also essential that all jewellery is removed or covered up while participating in the class. No footwear is allowed onto the floor as training is performed barefoot. Once a student has got their membership it is expected that a Karate Gi (uniform) will be purchased for the karate class and a club t-shirt for the adults-only mixed martial arts class. These do not have to be brought from us and anyone is welcome to purchase their own. Please speak to Sensei Andrew regarding the costs of this uniform.

Can I watch a class before deciding to join in?

Absolutely! We have an open-door policy at our club, anyone is welcome to come and watch the classes if they are thinking of joining. Parents/carers are allowed to remain in the dojo during the class if they wish to stay and watch. Siblings are allowed to come in and watch classes if they are not taking part as long as they are not causing a distraction to the class. Anybody not taking part in the class but causing a noticeable distraction will be asked to leave the dojo as it is essential for students to concentrate at all times. Karate is a physical class and lack of concentration could result in injury.

What age can we start coming to a class?

For our family classes, the youngest a student can start is 5 years of age, for the adults class we have a minimum age of 13 years. There is no upper age limit for people taking part in our classes but feel free to have a chat with Sensei Andrew if you would to train but think you are ‘too old’.